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Wildlife Problems?

Nuisance Wildlife Solutions has the answer for those unwanted animals in your house or those pesky critters who love to eat what's in your garden! I personally provide solutions to primarily residential customers located in the Middlesex County area. I resolve your wildlife problems as humanely as possible, while keeping your family and pets safe!

The process envolves a comprehensive site evaluation, identifying the nuisance wildlife species, closest food and water supply, point of entry in the house, whether the offending animal has a litter of young. After these facts have been gathered, a plan of action can be determined. Whether to trap the animal and move it to a safe location or attempt to make the animal leave the property through "exclusion". (the process of eliminating wildlife access to a specific area)

After the animal has been removed, repairs can be made to the house and/or property. Preventative measures should not be underestimated, you don't want other animals occupying the area that has just been "cleared". Fixing the house and updating the property to limit the access of nuisance wildlife is a must!